Fine Art, Wine and Culinary Festivals

Vermillion Promotions is a veteran producer of Arizona's top rated Festivals and Special Events, creating and hosting some of the Southwest's most celebrated Art, Wine and Culinary venues. Read more below...


Loveland Fine Art & Wine Invitational
Loveland, Colorado
August 7-9 Artist App

Stagecoach Village Fine Art & Wine Fest.
Cave Creek, Arizona
Oct. 30-Nov. 1 Artist App

Litchfield Park Festival of Arts
Litchfield Park, Arizona
Nov. 7-8 Artist AppVendor App


Cave Creek Indian Market
Cave Creek, Arizona
Jan. 15-17 Artist App

Wigwam Fine Art Show
Litchfield Park, Arizona ~ Wigwam Resort
Feb. 12-14 Artist App

Litchfield Park Arts & Culinary Fest.
Litchfield Park, Arizona
March 5-6 Artist AppVendor App

Sonoran Festival of Arts
Carefree, Arizona
March 18-20Artist App

Our award winning signature events attract thousands of festival goers, art enthusiasts, collectors and first time buyers from cross the Country. Combining prime locations and gorgeous landscapes with exceptional fine art, live music and a rich blend of superb wines and irresistible culinary dishes, Vermillion Promotions delivers an unparalleled festival experience.

Equally important, we understand the business needs of cities, developers, and non-profit organizations in Arizona. We know festivals and special events can provide a significant social and economic benefit to the local community, its artists, and local businesses. Special events can re-energize an area, create or renew its identity, and attract a desired clientele. From the initial planning session through the last day of cleanup, Vermillion Promotions delivers the strategic planning, enthusiasm and expertise to ensure that every event is a success for participants and patrons for years to come.

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